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     My niece accidentally stained our new sofa. I thought I was headed for the rubbish pile when my sister suggested I ring NewburyParkCarpetCleaners. They were happy to send their team right over. The cleaners were professional and very good at what they do. They removed the entire stain, saving the cost of a new sofa. Best cleaning service!
Diana C.21/05/2020
     The cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Newbury Park are the best. The 2 gentlemen that came to my house did a great job, they took care of everything. I was super impressed!
     I got a clean carpet from NewburyParkCarpetCleaners in no time at all. Their service was cheap too. It truly was a complete, ideal service.
Sharon M.09/10/2018
     If you want to have a nice and clean home you will need to work hard on making it happen. As we all know, that can get tiresome fast, unless you happen to be really into cleaning. We figured we can afford the occasional visit every week so we hired Carpet Cleaning Newbury Park to do it for us and we are happier than ever, barely having to do any cleaning at all.
George B.29/08/2016
     I thought the vast amount of work that I needed done would affect their performance and definitely hike up the price of the job. Luckily, I was proven wrong and the brilliant team at Newbury Park Carpet Cleaning Services went through all the mess speedily and without any problems.
     If you've never had your home professionally cleaned then I strongly, strongly recommend that you do! I used to clean my home quite thoroughly, but after having the cleaners from NewburyParkCarpetCleaners over for a one-off clean, my definition of “sanitary” has completely changed! I'll never go back to cleaning my home after seeing what a fantastic job the experts can do, and you'll agree after trying this service! Top marks for an amazing cleaning service!
     I called NewburyParkCarpetCleaners after having it up here with other local cleaning companies. A lot of them just don't understand how to turn up on time or do a good job. My restaurant needs the type of cleaners that you send me... We've actually needed them for a long time! Anyways, now that I'm working with you I cannot complain about any part of your work! It's fantastic! If I was your boss I would give you all raises! You go above and beyond what you have to do, you know what you're doing, and have excellent manners. You are now a part of my working team and I will hire no other company!
Tracy Y.23/10/2014
     Getting cleaning was something which I'd hated the idea of for ages. I just couldn't see why I should pay someone to do something which I could easily do myself. I have quite high standards when it comes to cleaning and I can say that I would expect these to be met. But then I steadily came to the realisation of the time which I was spending cleaning and how this could be better spent. After trying a few companies, NewburyParkCarpetCleaners were a real find. Their work is excellent and their staff are friendly. An all-round recommendation from me.
Sarah Smith04/06/2014

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